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The Samantha Skunk Program is 3 different presentations that all use the Samantha Skunk characters and format to present a positive message on health. These stories are designed to be taught primarily at the pre-K through 2nd grade level. Each of the 3 lessons is normally taught by teens in brightly colored, full-body costumes, including the title role of Samantha the magenta skunk. Depending on which story is selected, the presentations deal with: Rx & medicine safety, smoking, or lung health & exercise.

Total presentation time of each story runs about 30-35 minutes depending upon the extent of questions & answers provided for at the conclusion of the presentation (recommended).

When Dover Youth to Youth presents this program locally, we use middle school students as presenters. However, many schools, youth advocacy groups and community coalitions use high school-age presenters. Some locations have used adults as presenters, although that is not typical.

The Value of the Program: When being presented by a youth advocacy or youth leadership group, Samantha Skunk has two levels of impact. The audience viewing the presentation gets a valuable message on health. In addition to that, the youth teaching the presentation get a great introduction to presenting to an audience and public speaking in a less-threatening environment.

In Dover, our youth advocates are trained to present the story very soon after joining the program. Because the audience is younger, inexperienced presenters are not as nervous. And because the text of the script is printed in large typeface on large plastic boards – positioned behind the audience – the student doesn’t have the pressure of needing to memorize lines. The presenter can concentrate on vocal delivery, body language, and the actual delivery of the presentation.

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